Agricultural drones to improve farming productivity and yield

Remote sensing technology to detect and diagnose causes of crop stress before externally visible signs appear

Meaningful analysis

Detect and diagnose causes of crop stress before visible signs appear

When you need it

Bespoke crop health assessment tailored to your needs, on demand.

Increase yield

Increase crop yield through early detection, diagnosis and mitigation of crop loss events

Lower cost per acre

State-of-the-art auto-pilot drone technology helps reduce the cost of crop spraying!

Get access to emerging tech to improve crop yields

Improved per Acre cost and Yield performance: Not only does it predict yield through the early detection of crop stress causes (5-7 days before externally visible signs emerge), but also through the targeted application of the solution.

Service Savings: Because there’s no pilot required, no call out fee, and the flights are personalised and as frequent as you like, our solution is cost effective compared to other current methods of obtaining the same report.

Why Dark Horse Tech?

  • State-of-the-art Robotic, AI & Machine Learning and Big Data & MI to provide an automated and seamless crop yield improvement service.
  • Advanced imaging and remote sensing tools combined with the integration of previously silo-ed data sources to detect, diagnose and cure the causes of crop stress and yield loss.
  • The drone flies on auto-pilot and using ground sensing radar to ensure height compliance. The Beehive (Landing Pad) allows for the wireless transfer of drone-gathered data to Canopy (Cloud-based SAAS), and the automated battery recharging and payload consignment.
  • Canopy is Dark Horse Technologies cloud based diagnosis engine. Once it has received drone gathered data, this is overlaid with thousands of other data points gathered in the region to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis.
  • Canopy’s diagnosis is ‘fed’ back to the drone, the Beehive consigns the correct solution payload, and the drone delivers that payload with inch perfect accuracy.

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