The Future of Precision Crop Intelligence

Actionable Analysis!

Dark Horse Technologies’ proprietary remote-sensing crop-intelligence offering provides insightful analysis – Bleeding edge yield prediction capabilities combined with remote-sensing crop-loss diagnosis and area-mapping enabling growers to get ahead of issues earlier with targeted interventions.

Tailored to your Farm!

There are no two fields alike, each has its own challenges, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to providing actionable crop intelligence. At Dark Horse Technologies we’ve built hardware agnostic crop intelligence solutions which supportsĀ on-demand flights tailored to your field.

Lower Cost per Acre!

Dark Horse Technologies’ can diagnose and area-map crop loss events, enabling growers to target any intervention only to affected areas. Employing targeted interventions, instead of carpet interventions, decreases total spend and therefore reduces cost per acre.

Consistently Predictable Yield

Traditional methods of yield prediction come with a high margin of error. Dark Horse Technologies proprietary yield prediction technology is considerably more accurate, enabling growers to pre-sell their expected yield with greater degree of confidence.