The Future of Crop Intelligence

Accurate yield prediction and crop loss diagnosis

Accurately predict and map arable crop yield

Within 0.5% of actual – proven in the field at scale


We Are Dedicated To Better Predicting and Protecting

Arable Crop And Biomass Yields

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue through accurate yield prediction over the growing cycle and the early diagnosis and intervention of crop-loss events

Decrease Costs

Decrease your costs through highly targeted, potentially plant-by-plant level, interventions

Increase Total Farm Productivity

Increase total farm productivity and increase your profit/Ha

Total farm performance monitoring

Autonomous total farm performance monitoring aggregates multiple sources of data (e.g. satellites, drones, phones, and ground-truth data) to provide you with a total farm performance view.

Dark Horse Technologies is focused on improving total farm productivity by increasing revenues whilst decreasing costs.

Increasing your revenues through:
– Accurate yield prediction weeks in advance of harvest (within 0.5% of actual)
– Accurate and early crop-loss diagnosis and mapping across entire fields, at scale, from remote sensing data alone (as in tell you specifically where you have Septoria, or Black grass, or Head Blight, or any other disease or weed.

Decreasing your costs through:
– Highly targeted, plant-by-plant level, interventions. Possible by integrating our results with your existing on-farm machinery.

Field Biomass Mapping

Perform field biomass mapping and recommendations for where livestock should be placed and when they should be moved.

Cutting-edge crop technology to solve real problems and deliver real results

Completely Independent

Experienced Team`

Global Traction

Proprietary Technology

"We initially predicted a yield of around eight tonnes per hectare (t/ha) and revised this throughout the growing season as Dark Horse showed us how things were progressing. The final prediction, made three weeks before harvest, was 6.4t/ha, and the actual yield was 6.43t/ha (within 0.5% of actual) ... We were impressed with the accuracy of the results"

Niall J (Agronomist & Farmer)

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